Green Dragon Capsules

This is our latest modified formulation of the Zelenko Protocol, where we remove the ascorbic acid, leaving the daily amount of Vitamin C you'd get from the zinc ascorbate in two capsules. However, the real benefit is taking it with our Liposomal Ascorbic, the reason being you absorb more Vitamin C this way for it's added antioxidant benefits, while leaving more room for our three different synergistic herbal extracts: Milk Thistle (to support glutathione production and regulation), Holy Basil (to support overall well being as this is the quintessential go to herb of Ayurveda), and Freeze Dried Nettle (works with quercetin to stabilize antihistamine response and as a diuretic).

This two part combo of Green Dragon and Liposomal Ascorbic is the the daily supplement of choice our founder Auriel personally takes and gives to his family to mitigate the effects of airborne toxins and electromagnetic sensitivity. You can also take any form of Vitamin C to supplement in conjunction with our Green Dragon. We would recommend a powdered form of buffered Vitamin C, like magnesium ascorbate.

Comes with 30 capsules that can be taken 1-2 at a time, up to 8 daily.

The Zelenko Protocol

In March 2020, Dr. Vladamir Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the prehospital setting. Dr. Zelenko developed his now famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved countless lives worldwide, while he was fighting recurrent and metastatic sarcoma, had open heart surgery, and aggressive chemotherapy. He has also persevered against unrelenting defamation of character from the media, and threats against his person. He implemented the holistic equivalent to hydrocloriquine, the nutraceutical quercetin, as a zinc ionosphore, that delivers zinc right into the cell. Coupled with Vitamin C and D, these four ingredients work together to support the body during these times of shenanigans.

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Our Dragon Formulation

֍ Zinc ascorbate instead of zinc sulfate for better bioavailability with the synergy of Vitamin C

֍ Better portioned amount of Vitamin D

֍ Quercetin extract at 98% straight from the flower over the standard quercetin dihydrate at 95%

֍ Our ascorbic acid is Non-GMO in our Golden Dragon formulation

֍ We add three herbal extracts (Milk Thistle, Holy Basil, Nettle) that synergize with the Zelenko Protocol by removing the ascorbic acid in our Green Dragon formulation

֍ Non-GMO vegan capsules with no fillers

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