14k Gold Ankh

This ancient Egyptian technology brought into geometrical precision, works by tuning the physical body to a dynamic form of vibrational resonance. This brings ones entire being into greater alignment with nature and increases energy, vitality and life force.

  • Made in 14k gold
  • Comes with ankh, necklace, carrying pouch, and booklet
  • Works passively while being worn as a pendant
  • Works actively when resonated with a tuning fork in its center
  • Designed to mathematical specifications of the golden ratio, pi, and the square root of two
  • Size: 1.3 x 2.4 in, 32 x 60 mm

Sacred Measurement

The Sacred Cubit wavelength is found in the Great Pyramid of Giza and is a harmonic of the circumference of the Earth. The specific tuning of the ankh allows energy to transfer efficiently between this fundamental energetic frequency and the user. All of the horizontal axis of the ankhs are tuned to a harmonic of the Sacred Cubit.

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Technical Information

The Ankh is the embodiment of the mathematical trinity: The golden ratio, pi, and the square root of two. These three fundamental ratios are intrinsic to our fractal universe.

The horizontal axis of the ankh is the masculine linear waveguide, tuned to the Sacred Cubit. This creates a linear resonance in the horizontal axis stimulated by the chi flow of the Earth itself with a single wave node at the core of the ankh. The horizontal vibration diverts into the perpendicular vertical axis which is both feminine and non-linear. This wavelength is fractal in nature as there is a wave node manifesting at every point along the vertical axis at least once in a complete vibratory cycle. This creates a fractal interference pattern in conjunction with non-linear resonance, a key aspect in understanding zero point energy systems.

Normally, the human body is attuned to a linear resonance that varies based on one's physical habits and mindset. The ankh acts like a tuning fork, allowing the human body to resonate with larger amounts of chi already flowing through the external environment at all times.

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