When a piezoelectric crystal, such as quartz or tourmaline, is exposed to sound or even motion itself, the crystal vibrates. This process transforms the acoustic pressure into electrical charges pulsing on the surface of the copper, focalizing at the tip.

The wands can be utilized with dance, ceremony, and healing such as massage, tai chi, and reiki. A metallic ring on the opposite hand assists tremendously with this, especially if it is a different type of metal from the wand. The Egyptians took advantage of this phenomena holding copper and zinc rods in opposing hands. A great way to experience the wand is to rest it on your voice box and chant to feel its full vibration. Multiple wands can be stuck in the ground to create an energy grid, as well pointing several of them together at a single point in a circle. They also thoroughly assist with strengthening one’s confidence and universal connection as to collapse their higher self into the lower self, and walk forth as an avatar.

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