They store energy like a battery

through resonance of subtle vibrations along the surface of the coil

The five pointed star reflects the boundary between matter (the four elements) and spirit, and is useful for invoking intangible ideas into reality.

֍ Traditional Names: Star of Bethlehem, Pentacle

֍ Archetypal Associations: Iron, Solar Plexus Chakra, Mars

֍ Mathematical specifications of the golden ratio (harmonic ratio 2ϕ:1)

֍ Applications: Grounding into the physical, invoking one's will power, manifesting practical things, clearing old patterns

The six pointed star activates and aligns the heart to its natural vibration by balancing the masculine and feminine polarities with the trinity of the mind. It supports anchoring ones connection to their true self. Being the hexagram is the foundation of the star coils, it is a great introductory tool for every alchemist.

֍ Traditional Names: Star of Sol, Seal of Solomon, Star of David

֍ Archetypal Associations: Gold, Heart Chakra, Sun

֍ Mathematical specifications of the octave (harmonic ratio 2:1)

֍ Applications: Stabilizing divine presence, bringing clarity to mind and heart, bridging awareness between higher and lower selves, aligning the heart chakra

The seven pointed star brings into balance the seven alchemical processes of transmutation. It empowers one to overcome the obstacles and tribulations in life.

֍ Traditional Names: Star of Venus, Obtuse Septagram, Seal of Babalon

֍ Archetypal Associations: Copper, Throat Chakra, Venus

֍ Mathematical specifications of the golden ratio (harmonic ratio ϕ:1)

֍ Applications: Improving communication skills, assisting in articulating abstractions, being concise in your manifestations, increasing self-confidence

The eight pointed star is the balance of the masculine and feminine polarities with the four physical elements (earth, water, air, fire) and resonates the frequency of abundance and prosperity.

֍ Mathematical specifications of the square root of two (harmonic ratio √2:1)

֍ Traditional Names: Star of Mercury, Star of Lakshmi, Obtuse Octagram

֍ Archetypal Associations: Third Eye Chakra, Mercury (planet and metal)

֍ Applications: Working with the elemental forces, manifesting abundance, manipulation of physical reality, healing the body

The nine pointed star brings together the nine aspects of the Self, the process of our life journey, into unification and wholeness, facilitating a greater awakening with the dormant parts of one's consciousness.

֍ Mathematical specifications of the golden ratio (harmonic ratio ϕ²/2:1)

֍Traditional Names: Star of Luna, Obtuse Enneagram

֍ Archetypal Associations: Crown Chakra, Silver, Moon, Feminine Mysteries

֍ Applications: Developing psychic awareness, improving clarity, expanding feminine intuition, deepening our relationship to our ethereal awareness

Star Coils Simplified

There are two fundamental components within the field of electrical engineering, the inductor, which is used in generate and interact with magnetic fields, and the capacitor, used in direct contrast with electric fields. These coils represent a balanced midpoint of these two components as found with a traditional electrical resonant circuit, such as used with keeping time in watches.

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The Polarities of the Coils

Every star coil geometry has two intrinsic sub geometry configurations of different twisting spirals. The masculine geometry involves a counter-clockwise geometry on the interior of the coil spiraling in while the feminine geometry involves a clockwise geometry spiraling in.

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Pathways of Light

Throughout history, humans have depicted artwork in religious and mythological texts about certain geometries that are ring-like in nature. These two-dimensional mathematical configurations can be found among almost every ancient culture on the planet from the cuniform scripture of Sumer five millenia ago to the cosmology of the Greek Pythagoreans.

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"The knowledge of which geometry aims is the knowledge of the eternal." -PLATO