Born out of the laboratory of Auriel

Magick is ultimately a science of how one interacts directly with their reality with conscious intent

Auriel the Magicksmith

Auriel has been a student of alchemy and the holistic arts for over a decade working as a healer in both body and energy work, as a project leader on various sustainable community initiatives, as a notable contributor and voice to the Free Energy Movement, as a professional artist in fire dancing, photography, writing, and metal working, as well a well respected member of the global conscious community.

Being considered a modern day Renaissance Man, his educational background includes a multitude of the sciences, arts, and philosophies with extensive training in various forms of craftsmanship, engineering, and fabrication in both 2D and 3D design. He has been known for pioneering new concepts in cosmology, physics, and spirituality, bringing science into a higher alignment with human consciousness.

A large contributing factor to his work has been his continual development of his relationship to the Akashic Records, the memory storehouse of our collective consciousness, in which he has been utilizing his intuitive awareness to synthesize all realms of intellectual pursuit into a complete framework of our natural world.

Conscientious Exchange

We believe business is about being of service and creating abundant flow of experience for all to prosper. Our vision here at Magicksmith is to continuously create products of the highest quality craftsmanship with both a practical and aesthetic focus.

1% of all sales are donated to the Tesla Science Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit, dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla.

10% of all sales are allocated to our parent company Aether Electric, a public benefit corporation founded by Auriel, for advanced energy research and development.

All remaining net profits go to support the livelihood of the artist and creator Auriel, and his family of four.