The Sacred Measurements

October 22, 2019

The Sacred Measurements

We live in a vibrational universe. A simple yet profound truth that for many is still up for negotiation and debate. The advent of the human ideology around matter led us to a rigid perspective of our environment while creating a physical separation with the observer and the observed. It is this construct that rooted itself into Western academia, and hindered our further development into the natural sciences as the human psyche became overempowered with its relationship to the universe itself.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
                                   -Nikola Tesla

There exists within the architecture of our world fundamental wavelengths that facilitate specific pathways of creative energy. It is this energy that supports the emanation of the atom and the many other particles decoded by modern physics. The second law of thermodynamics is contradictory in one sense as it is inherently paradoxical. The very nature of the paradox is one of the major conflicts for the Western world, from the philosophies to the sciences to our conventional cultural identification.

Entropy from a grounded and logical perspective in philosophy is essentially nihilism and promotes the chaotic destructive behavior befalling our modern day society. This is all being aforementioned before this current topic as the theoretical foundation of early physicists and electrical engineers, such as Maxwell, Faraday, and Tesla, was the Lumiferious Aether, predating itself to the time of the Greeks with Plato and Aristotle. The Michelson–Morley experiment of 1887 supposedly disapproved this theory and was further supplemented by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, whom himself knew was not entirely correct. In a sense, this was a subtle hijacking of our origin of being, our daily operation from within the present moment, into that of a disconnected and meaningless perspective.

The Lumiferious Aether Theory is a cornerstone aspect in understanding the Sacred Measurements. Essentially, these are foundational pathways in which vibrational energy transmit and store energy that interact with and create our physical universe. The most famous and powerful of these wavelengths is known as the Sacred Cubit, or sometimes as the Egyptian Royal Cubit. This measurement is specifically 20.63 inches (524 mm). The base of the Great Pyramid of Giza on one side is 440 sacred cubits long, such as if you walked entirely around the base of the pyramid it would be 1760 cubits long. The height of the pyramid is 280 cubits tall, which gives a ratio of the base to the height of 1.57 or pi over two. Until only recent times, the Pyramid of Giza has stood as the tallest structure on the planet for several millennia, if not even longer, as described from within the Akashic Records and other unconventional archeological theories.

The significance of all this is to engage a new perspective of where technology and science may have already been explored let alone to where it can go. The traditional ideology around the Pyramid of Giza puts forth its construction over a ten to twenty year period. This means that out of the 2.3 million blocks of limestone in its construction, at least twelve blocks would have to of put in place every hour continuously day and night. That is at least 800 tons of stone being transported and installed every day. In the context of human evolution and our modern interpretation of technological progression, there is a very simple rationality that this is rather unlikely.
Another approach to understanding the purpose of the  pyramids, let alone just Giza, as many more exist throughout Egypt and around the world, is through the meeting point of these sacred measurements and the Lumiferious Aether Theory. What if the the pyramidal structure is a technology that directly interacts with the vibrational waveforms found in the background field? From the perspective of simple geometry, the pyramidal structure has natural qualities of magnification or focalization as does an optical lens. Tuning the lens to specific frequencies as well as the utilization specific concepts within vibrational mechanics, such as four wave mixing with laser technology, can open the doorway to a unique direction with technology.

The star coils explore this same approach with technology by working with vibrational energies already present in the background of spacetime that stabilizes them from a chaotic radiant state into coherent ordered state. Just as the pyramidal structure alludes to magnification, does the toroidal geometry of the coils alludes to circulation. These wavelengths are a tuning mechanism to gather, organize, and resonate these background frequencies into a functioning apparatus.

As described in more detail in the article on Star Coils: Pathways of Light, this energy exists in the first dimension as linear waveforms storing angular momentum and is known as scalar waves, zero point energy, chi, orgone, and many other various esoteric terms.

The measurement being referenced within the star coils is the invisible circle that exists as the boundary layer or meeting point of the double helix. If you cut the star coil in half so the double helix is seen as two circles touching side by side, the point in which they are touching is what is being referenced. The circumference of this circle is the wavelength that is the inverse of the resonant frequency of the coil. There are various fundamental wavelengths in which the star coils can be tuned to, with the most prominent wavelength being already stated as the sacred cubit. In terms of functional application, a star coil with a wavelength of 20.63 inches is rather large. Smaller versions can be produced by using higher harmonics of the wavelengths, or octaves. The pendant size coils all tend to be the eight harmonic of the sacred cubit, or the lost cubit. These two cubits are the primary cubits utilized in the star coils.

Only the harmonics of the octave are used in which the wavelength is halved, so the second, fourth, eight, and sixteenth harmonics are what are specifically used. Each octave is only able to receive half the amount of the energy of the previously lower octave. So a star coil of the eighth harmonic of the sacred cubit, is able to only receive an eighth of the energy that is readily available in the environment that is currently present with the sacred cubit vibrational pathway. Energy is continuously both being transferred and stored within that pathway.

All of the star coils as rings that are worn on the hand, are tuned to a specific music interval of each harmonic set. So for example, the enneagram rings consist of eight sizes within the set between both the eighth and sixteenth harmonics. One of the rings is tuned to the perfect octave, or the eighth harmonic of the sacred cubit, as standard with many of the other coils. However, the other seven differtiate from the direct harmonic pathways for practical reasons of sizing. However, to not only venture into the pure aesthetics of the art, to maintain a form of energetic connection, music intervals are used such as the major second of 9:8 or the perfect fourth of 4:3. Though not as efficient as the pathways of the octave, these intervals still allow a transference of the energy and practical use of the coils as rings. So for example, if a ring is a perfect fifth of 3:2 in the eighth harmonic of the sacred cubit, that means the eighth harmonic utilizes an eighth of the available energy of the sacred cubit while the perfect fifth uses only 50% which actually is the equivalent to the sixteenth harmonic, or a sixteenth of the energy of the sacred cubit. A major third (5:4) of the eighth harmonic would be only 20% of the energy of that harmonic, which would be 1/40th of the sacred cubit. This concept can help you make a more informed desicion around your choice with the tools you want to receive.

The sacred cubit is pathway directly connected with our physical reality. It gives life to the material. That being, it assists greatly with physical healing, material abundance, and practical manifestation. This can be translated in many different ways with each of the star coils’ geometries including their intrinsic polarities.

The lost cubit is as described in a name a more less known and esoteric pathway in which energy moves. It is connected more with our aetheral reality and metaphysical nature. It brings deeper awareness into our perceptual cognition and inner knowing. This assists our psychic intuition, philosophic reasoning, and the more magical side to our manifestation. Where the sacred cubit supports our ability to redirect energy into the physical body, the lost cubit supports the redirection of energy into our consciousness. This measurement is 14% larger than the sacred cubit at 23.49 inches (597 mm). This measurement was discovered in recent decades by the researcher Hans Becker. This measurement was derived by the sum of the polar and equatorial circumferences of the earth, in inches, divided into the speed of light. Tremendous work has been done with this measurement and tensor rings, another term for the star coils utilized by a fellow researcher of Hans, Slim Spurling.

The horizontal axis of the ankhs are all tuned to a harmonic of the sacred cubit. This tuning allows for energy to directly feed the transformative processes of the ankh into a non-linear resonance.

So to explain the differences of these two cubits in practical terms, a hexagram tuned to the sacred cubit assists greatly in physical manifestation, healing the mind-body connection, and grounding the heart into deeper presence on the earth plane. Tuned to the lost cubit, the hexagram assists in greatly in aetheral manifestation, stablizing the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious minds into the heart, and opening up psychic channels with ones higher self. In one sense, it can be seen as a subtlety between these two as the hexagram relates specifically to the trinity of mind being balanced with the masculine and feminine polarities of the heart. The difference in tuning changes the interface around that archetypal energy and its direction application.

Overall, as with the polarities of the star coils, the qualities of the cubits are not as significant as the geometry and material of the coil itself. However, the full understanding of the technicalities and applications of this science allow the user to articulate their experience with greater precision and awareness as well as ground the esoteric in simple to understand science. This also opens the doorway to unraveling the intuitive operations of the coils and other sacred tools into modern day language for all to receive and apply to their lives.

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