Star Coils Simplified

November 21, 2018

Star Coils Simplified

The Star Coils are toroidal conductors that amplify and stabilize energy by mimicking how light naturally moves. They freely circulate energy around the outside of the coil which can stimulate both the human body and the immediate environment, elevating ones vitality and cognition. They store energy like a battery through electromagnetic resonance of sustained vibrations along the surface of the coil, essentially a simple form of free energy technology.

There are two fundamental components within the field of electrical engineering, the inductor, which is used in generate and interact with magnetic fields, and the capacitor, used in direct contrast with electric fields. These coils represent a balanced midpoint of these two components as found with a traditional electrical resonant circuit, such as used with keeping time in watches. The great inventor Nikola Tesla developed and explored many different forms of resonant circuits, which today are utilized with various forms of electronics. A person on a swing who is getting pushed by another person is a really simple analogy of a resonant circuit, except this form works with electromagnetic phenomena as well as other forms of energy, including sound and chi.

Chi is the more elusive form of energy that modern physics has been having a particular challenge understanding with creating many forms of jargon and complex descriptions to understand it. Many healers and other spiritual philosophies have understood it in the form of applied simplicity with how it supports ones physical, mental, and spiritual vitality.

These coils function as closed loop electrical transformers. However, conventional transformers (ie the little box at the end of your electronics plugs that converts electricity to the proper voltage and current for your device), are open circuits while the Star Coils feed the energy back upon themselves giving rise to the phenomena of self-resonance. This allows the subtle energies the star coils tune into to be amplified significantly, while transforming them into specific qualities, or archetypal energy signatures, based upon the geometry of the coil such as the hexagram or the octagram.

The Star Coils are the geometric flow forms of what ancient scriptures and spiritual philosophies refer to as the chakras. These tools align and stabilize the flow of energy throughout the different energetic centers of the body. For example, the hexagram is ideal for retraining the heart chakra to its natural state of being.

Each coil is tuned to a specific frequency in the background field of spacetime, once referred to as the Lumiferious Aether by the electrical engineers Tesla and Faraday. The wavelength of each coil is measured by the circumference of the invisible circle of the meeting point of the double helix in the torus.

The two main wavelengths used for tuning are the Sacred Cubit, which has a more physical energetic effect such as with healing the body, and the Lost Cubit, which has a more mental energetic effect such as elevating ones intuitive facilities.

The wavelength for the Sacred Cubit is 20.6 inches. The side of the base of the Pyramid of Giza is 440 sacred cubits long. This measurement relates harmonically to the circumference of the earth. However, a coil made to that size would be rather large. To effectively couple into this wavelength, harmonics are used, especially the octave. So the wavelength of 10.3 inches is an octave, also known as second harmonic, of the Sacred Cubit.

Understanding the different harmonic sizing with the coils, allows for dynamic configurations of two or more coils working together. This is where music theory meets electrical engineering.

Read more about harmonics and cubits in our story The Sacred Measurements.

Every coil has either one of two contrasting twisting spiral geometries. This relates to the directional nature of the energy and the operating functions of the coil. The masculine geometry involves a counter-clockwise geometry on the interior of the coil spiraling in while the feminine geometry involves a clockwise geometry spiraling in. The same geometry is reflective on both sides of the coil regardless of what side you are looking at.

The masculine polarity is primarily aligned to focalized manifestation and sending energy outwards. The feminine polarity is primarily aligned to expansive manifestation and receiving energy inwards. The secondary function of each coil is the primary of the other. That means a feminine coil most effectively receives energy as its primary function, but can also send energy as its secondary function.

There is also a synthesis of how both polarities work together to mutually strengthen both their primary and secondary functions, and create a more synergistic flow of energy between them.

Read more about these two spiral geometries in our story The Polarities of the Star Coils.

There is a fundamental geometry of each coil that pertains to a specific star geometry, such as traditional seen with the hexagram consisting of two opposing triangles. Each geometry pertains to a unique form of an energetic expression, sometimes best understood as an archetypal theme with both mythology and psychology.

The mathematical structure of the geometry is fundamentally based on the number of points in the star and how the pathways interweave with each other. The geometries of the the five and six pointed stars, have only one configuration based on their weaving, composed of a double helix. The seven and eight pointed star, have two configurations, composed of either a double or triple helix, where the nine has three, and so on, as the geometries are infinite in their variations. Currently, only the double helix versions of the coils are being offered.

Each coil also has a specific scaling ratio based on the diameter of the toroidal core to the diameter of the coil. This directly relates to the voltage/current ratio of an electrical transformer. Applied to music theory, this is a musical interval, like the octave described earlier (2:1 ratio), but can be more complex as such with the golden ratio (1.618033:1), which is an irrational number whose decimal places go on toward infinity. It is is this scaling function that is the foundational mathematical descriptor that gives rise to its specific energetic attributes and qualities.


  • The five pointed star is the geometrical flow of the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) grounded into the physical. The essential function of the rituals of the Pentagram is to assert the dominion of the magician over the chaos of the elemental realm.
  • Mathematical scaling ratio based on the golden ratio (musical interval 2ϕ-2:1)
  • Traditional Names: Star of Mars, Pentacle
  • Archetypal Associations: Iron, Cycles of Time, Mars, Solar Plexus Chakra


  • The six pointed star activates and aligns the heart to it’s natural vibration by balancing the masculine and feminine polarities with the trinity of the mind. This geometry is the cornerstone of the star coils, and a great introductory tool for every alchemist, bringing stability with ones awareness to the present moment.
  • Mathematical scaling ratio based on the octave (musical interval 2:1)
  • Traditional Names: Star of Sol, Seal of Solomon, Star of David
  • Archetypal Associations: Gold, Heart Chakra, Sun
  • The seven pointed star brings into balance the seven alchemical processes of transmutation. It empowers one to overcome the obstacles and tribulations in life such as through strengthening ones rhetorical capabilities and vocal confidence.
  • Mathematical scaling ratio based on the golden ratio (musical interval ϕ:1)
  • Traditional Names: Star of Venus, Obtuse Septagram, Seal of Babalon
  • Archetypal Associations: Copper, Throat Chakra, Venus


  • The eight pointed star is the balance of the masculine and feminine polarities with the four physical elements (earth, water, air, fire) and resonates the frequency of abundance and prosperity. This geometry is useful for the self-cultivation of ones own energy for manifestation, creativity, and physical healing.
  • Mathematical scaling ratio based on the square root of two (musical interval √2:1)
  • Traditional Names: Star of Mercury, Star of Lakshmi, Obtuse Octagram
  • Archetypal Associations: Third Eye Chakra, Mercury (planet and metal)
      • The nine pointed star brings together the nine aspects of the self into unification. This geometry aids in strengthening one’s relationship with their intuition, feminine awareness, and higher forms of consciousness.
      • Mathematical scaling ratio based on the golden ratio (musical interval ϕ^2/2:1)
      • Traditional Names: Star of Luna, Obtuse Enneagram
      • Archetypal Associations: Crown Chakra, Silver, Moon


        • To circulate energy throughout ones body, or in a physical space, moving out stagnant energy into an active living flow
        • To create an altar space with a stable vortex (ie magnetic compression around magnetic vacuum like a hurricane of light) that allows life force energy to self-organize within it
        • Balance and align the chakras to stimulate those communication centers with our consciousness
        • To facilitate energy flow to specific parts of the body for accelerated physical healing
        • To assist in the development of intuitive and cognitive skill sets
        • To amplify the energy of any object placed into its core, which will continue to circulate for a period of time after it is removed depending on how long it remained, or was directly stimulated with intentional energy work
        • To program crystals with specific intent or the energy of another item, including transferring the energy of one item placed in the core of the coil, then removed, and replaced with a quartz crystal
        • To create a rotating zero point energy field, by spinning the coils on their axis, giving rise to a shadow vortex in their core
        • The stacking of one coil inside another, or placing two coils side by side, specifically of contrasting polarities, to create exponential amplification of synergistic energy

        The application and understanding of the Star Coils is constantly evolving as many of us learn how to truly utilize these remarkable tools while grounding both the applied functions and clear language around them. The first coils were developed by Auriel in 2010, and since then, many have participated in the development of the concepts and practices around them. The invite is open to all.

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